BİTLO WAVES Event: Gifts for New and Existing Customers

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BİTLO conducted a campaign event for WAVES cryptocurrency in which it distributed WAVES coins to new and existing customers when joined through a referral link.

The crypto world is spreading rapidly to large masses with each passing day. Potential investors from all over the world are tempted by this rapid expansion. In the first quarter of this year, the pace of the crypto industry continued to turn the head of its investors with new developments and projects. While crypto traders need to keep themselves up-to-date, innovations and kazanThey also freely explore the benefits offered.

Crypto asset platform BİTLO, which takes care to list projects with up-to-date, reliable and professional team, announces WAVES event.

The Waves promotional period offers gifts to both new and existing users. kazanoffers an opportunity. In the event, which will take place in three stages, 3.000 waves coin prize will be distributed. The campaign period, which will start on April 8, will continue until the end of the month with various activities.

Waves is a cryptocurrency that offers simple solutions and scalability for building blockchain applications. The project was conceived in 2016, named after Albert Einstein’s theory of gravitational waves. Ukrainian-born theoretical physicist and scientist Sasha Ivanov is the founder and CEO of Waves. Prior to working with cryptocurrency technologies, he was a software developer for electronic payment systems and a predictive network programmer of financial markets. Native token of the WAVES blockchain platform; It also supports the use of smart contracts, decentralized applications (dApps), Web 3.0 and other decentralized solutions.

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